Nous serons au salon Solutions RH du 21 au 23 mars 2017 à Paris ainsi qu'au salon Heavent à Cannes du 18 au 20 avril 2017

Message wall

Q&: A

Your participants can express themselves by posting their messages (questions, reactions, comments...) from the Beekast mobile app, Twitter or via SMS. You can answer their questions orally or directly on the Beekast Wall. Option to accompany messages with photos, videos, links...


You can activate the manual moderation of messages feature to maintain greater control of what is being said. You can accept or reject each message individually.

Wall projection

Acknowledge your participants' messages by projecting them live. Simply open the Beekast projection mode from your web browser and connect your computer to a video projector. Decide which message you want to highlight.


Participants can like the more interesting messages. You can also select the most popular ones by order of priority.


Participants have the option to post their messages anonymously, which will encourage them to express their opinions. You can also deactivate this feature and require them to identify themselves.

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